Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Bento #27 : Mousy mouse

Have you ever felt that your world just revolves around your kids? I do. And don't get me wrong, I love Cinderella so much that I lose my words to define how deep I do love her. But sometimes I miss being with my friends again. I quit my job and stay at home since pregnancy. And my social circle is getting smaller. So, I was very excited today to see my old friends. There are 4 of us (oh plus two, I brought Cinderella, and my friend brought her fiancee to introduce to us). We threw jokes at each other, laugh at them and just having fun. Ohh.. just like the old times...
I made this bento for Cinderella. As usual, she ate home brought bento while I am eating out.

In this bento : pork roulade, quail egg, veggies

2 komentar:

Shannon mengatakan...

This is so sweet, I love the mouse. :o) The pork roulade looks good, how do you make it?

Thanks for adding it to last week's link up! :o)

Jenny mengatakan...

Thanks to you Shannon for hosting the event.... It's quite easy, just season minced pork with garlic, ginger powder and five spices and salt and pepper and then roll it with egg and steam. Try it! It's my Cinderella's favourite dish.