Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Bento #29 : School boy

I love to make one character bento as it is quick but give a special look in the bento. Sometimes when I want to create a more complicated bento character, Cinderella screamed asking for her dinner to be ready... Otherwise she will start to look for unhealthy snack (that I hide for myself --> bad mommy). This bento is a good example. I was actually planning to make a penguin bento (like the one in Yum Yum Bento Book), when Cinderella suddenly approaching me. There is a salty snack on her hand and she handed it to me,"Pretz Pretz." --> she wanted me to open it for her. Ohhhh why does she always manage to find the mommy's snack? T_T
I know that she is hungry by this time. So I changed into plan B and create a school boy bento. I still didn't manage to make her eat her fruit. But she joyfully eat the veggies.

In this bento : tofu croquette, broccoli, green beans, and apple.

2 komentar:

tatabonita mengatakan...

Cute boy! Haha, it's fun to see Cinderella's enjoying her bento. She's so cute! :D

shirley mengatakan...

hohoho si hana juga suka cari2 snack gw hihih harus disembunyiin di lemarin atas bagian paling belakang kalo ngga pasti dia bisa liat.
Si Freya kok bilang buka : pretz pretz??