Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Bento # 26 : Miss Piggy

Cinderella has recovered from her diarrhea, thanks God! She was so happy to see her little friends again at school. She jumped out from the car, rushing into her class and almost forgot her bag. =)
I made her this mini but maxi bento for her. Pig bento has always been a favourite to me. It's easy, it's catchy and just too cute to ignore. Hee hee

In this bento : beef croquette and broccoli

5 komentar:

Angeleyes mengatakan...

Waht a cute little piggy!

nathansmom mengatakan...

i envy freya for having such creative mom hee hee

Jenny mengatakan...

@ Angeleyes : Thanks! It's really nothing compared to your work. =)
@ nathansmom : wait until nathan is able to eat table food. it will be so exciting to decorate his food.

Emily Ng mengatakan...

Happy to kow that your girl has been recovered. This onigiri pig is so nice & cute. :)

Jenny mengatakan...

@ Emily : Thanks, dear.