Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Bento #28 : Old Granny

I saw one Granny bento at Hawaian Bento Box Cookbook and I thought it was too cute to waste. So I made this for Cinderella. It was surprisingly very easy. The book was actually using cheese shaped strawberry as the head, but I use rice instead, shaped with hand. The rest of facial expression was made using nori and the flower on top of her head was sausage.

4 komentar:

shirley mengatakan...

cute!! rosy cheeknya dibuat dari apa?
tertarik bikin buat bekal piknik besok selasa

Emily Ng mengatakan...

:) pretty cute!

tatabonita mengatakan...

It's a pretty granny :D

Jenny mengatakan...

@Shirley : pake saos tomat, Shir... dicocol sedikit saja.
@ Emily and Tata : Thanks! She looks to young to become a granny, doesn't she? Hee hee