Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Bento # 01 : Beary Cute Bento

There's always the first thing for everything. This was my first bento. I am very excited about it. I bought 4 bento book from Japan and I can't stop drooling over the books. I want a bento that is not too complicated for several reasons:
1. I am a bento beginner
2. Cinderella is still the most important thing in my life to me. I don't want spending hours and hours of bento decorating and neglect my baby girl.
But still, the bento has to look cute to catch her attention.
Thus my choice for the very first bento lies to this Beary Cute Bento. It is soooo simple to make (with nori puncher on my hand). I would only have to make two burgers, one is bigger (as the head) and one is smaller (for the ears). I loveeeee the simplicity.

Please pardon my photograph. I really need to learn how to take picture beautifully. This is done by a pocket camera with minimum lighting.
On the left : beef burger with hidden carrot. On the right : Veggie fried rice (carrot and peas)
Cinderella was so thrilled to see her first bento. She ate everything! The food decoration only took me 10 minutes. Everybody was happy =)
Oh yes, I must admit that this is not a real bento, since I used plate instead of lunch box. Still, I think the art of bento can be applied everywhere, not only for lunch box. Won't you agree? =)

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