Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Bento # 17 : Pig Bento (again)

Cinderela has allergies since she is still a baby. She will develop rashes on her skin when I eat the wrong food. The skin rashes is much lesser now, but it is now changed into runny nose and coughing. She is allergic to chicken, a bit of milk, and I suspect, of chocolate. And it's very hard to find to eating out for her. Chicken menu is everywhere, although I can actually order beef for her. But since I thought it will be safer for her, I usually bring her lunch box, even though we are eating out.
This bento was made for Cinderella to eat while we were eating out. I know, it is so sad. I wonder when will she be able to ask why she's not having the same thing with the rest.....

In this picture : monster meat ball, broccoli, corn, carrot and green beans wrapped in nori

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