Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Bento # 16 : Bee bento

Cinderella was enjoying her school more and more, which made me feel relieved. I used to have 2 hours of me time before picking her up at school. Usually I used it for watching cable and just sit on my couch. Ohhh..... the joy of having the TV for myself. Since Cinderella started to like watching TV, the channel is rotated between Playhouse, Nickelodeon, and Baby TV. I rarely watch TV because of fear that the content will not be suitable for her. Or.... when Daddy comes home from work, it's his turn to watch ESPN sport. I was so happy to be able to watch my favorite serials again, Desperate Housewife (well, I AM quite desperate to watch TV), Now, the two hours free time is missing, because I will be busy making her bento for lunch. But hey, I am enjoying this new hobby that I forget about TV... Hee hee... OK, I admit, I still watch the TV while making the bento. But bento things take over my mind more than TV

In this bento : beef stew, carrot, green beans, and cauliflower

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