Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Bento # 13 : Yellow Rice Bear Bento

It's the second time in this week that I cook Cinderella yellow rice. The first succesfull attempt for giving her yellow rice makes me spirited. Yellow rice is one of my favourite food, and I'd like to have it more often on my dining table. =)
This week, Cinderella also begins her school again after one month of holiday. On day one, she shred her tears for a minute and then forgot totally about her mom. On day two, she was totally ready for school. No whining in the morning at all. Oh, and yes, this time, Cinderella officially brings her bento to school! After several weeks of having bento at home, now she can have them at school.

In this picture : yellow rice, meat floss, tofu tempura, carrot and green beans rolled with omelette, cucumber and broccoli.

2 komentar:

Lia Chen mengatakan...

Cute bear! Glad to find your blog and share a same passion in bento making :)

Jenny mengatakan...

Hi Lia! I am the one who's glad to find your bento. Actually yours is one of those beautiful bentos that make me want to start making bento =) Thank you for inspiring me.