Senin, 19 Juli 2010

Bento # 19 : Mission to get Cinderella eat Strawberry

Cinderella hates fruits for these two months, I don't know why. She would rather let herself starving and refuse the fruit as snack and wait for her big meal to come. She used to love drinking her fruit smoothie but now she will shout," No Mammaaaa.... Nooo" everytime she sees me approaching her with the juice glass. I tried several method, changing the glass, bribing her with TV (which used to work wonders for months before), pretending to enjoy the drink soooo much to make her want it ("Mmm... juiceee.. yum yum.. This is Mommy's not yours....) None of them will work.
Today I tried to put the strawberries into bento, for hope that she will happily eat it. Notice the colourful toothpicks that I put on the strawberries on purpose. She looked interested at the first time. I felt the tense as she was putting it into her mouth.Would she love it? Would she eat the whole strawberries? She took a bite and then split it out. Then she pointed the rabbit ears and said ,"I want cheeeeseeeeee..." Arrrggghhh............. Mission failed.
In the bento : minced pork katsu, green beans, strawberries, broccoli, asparagus wrapped with ham
I include this bento for joining What's For Lunch Wednesday. This is my first time to join fellow bento makers. I am so excited. Check out her cool web

3 komentar:

Angeleyes mengatakan...

Maybe the strawberries a little sour??? My boy on;y likes the sweet ones... if they are sour, they will be untouched for sure!

Jenny mengatakan...

Hmm.. maybe... I would have to find something that is not too hard for her to chew and quite sweet. Banana is a good one, but it doesn't have quite a good look in a bento =)

Shannon mengatakan...

Maybe cantaloupe or honeydew? My kids both like that and you can slice it with cookie cutters to look pretty.

Thanks for linking up! I'm so glad you joined in. :o) ~S