Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Bento # 07 : Spinach Fried Rice

Ok, this is far from what we can call as bento. But hey, can the little flower on top of the fried rice count? Tee hee hee......
This one was made during a late morning wake up. Cinderella put on her sad face and said,"Mommy... hungry hungry." Who can resist those cutey eyes? I figured that she might be very bored with bread as breakfast so I manage to create the second most speedy breakfast for her, fried rice. I use spinach instead of the usual frozen veggie. I think it would be just different to have green fried rice rather than the usual thing.
It turned out that Cinderella loved this fried rice. (Or was it may be because she was too hungry?) Hee hee....
The food decoration is very quick. Put cooked omelette in a small bowl, put the fried rice on top of it. Prepare the plate and put it on top of the bowl. Flip the bowl until the bowl is now on top of the plate. Voila, now you get an omelette mountain with fried rice inside.
I then remembered Thai Fried rice in the restaurants, and decided to make mine look like one. Use scissors to make a cross on top of the omelette. I would then only have to cut cheese using flower cutter. Done! Another quick bento decoration. No more than 4 minutes.

Recipe for Spinach Fried Rice:

Ingredients :
1 cup of cooked rice
chopped spinach
garlic and shallot, diced
ham or bacon
worchestershire sauce

1. heat oil and toss the garlic and shallot until it is fragrant
2. toss the ham or bacon and worchestershire sauce
3. add cooked rice and taste with salt and pepper

Sounds too easy? Believe me, it is....

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