Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Bento obsession

I have to admit this bento obsession has taken over my life. Haha! Well, it's the second thing that rules over my brain, next after my baby girl, Cinderella (she wants to be called like that).
I started to collect bento accessories when Cinderella is one year old and she can eat table food. She (just like most toddlers in the world) was picky eater. I can eat my hat out of frustation of wanting her to eat good, healthy food. I tried to decorate her food when she was one year, just to found out that she was more interested in playing with the food and leave it at the table. Or she might take one snap look and decided that her toy train was more interesting than a plate full of healthy food.
Not until recently that I bought a set of bento accessories (including the nori puncher that I dreamt of) from a family trip to Japan, did she begin to appreciate the beauty of bento arts. Hee hee.
It takes me by surprise that she's now even willing to eat the whole broccoli and peas that she hated, given that it is decorated nicely.
And so..... my bento journey begins.....

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