Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Bento # 11 : The Fail Big Bird

I flipped through my bento book and found this Big Bird bento. Well, he's not actually the number one character that Cinderella loves. She loves Elmo the most! But, I dreaded the red color of Elmo's hair. I don't think I want to use too much food coloring. And since Elmo has the redest red hair, I guess I will have to use quite a lot colorings. So I guess I can play it safe with Big Bird. I use shredded omellete for his feather.
But the end results turns out not too good. It looked like a huge chick to me. Tee Hee.... Anyway, Cinderella doesn't seem to matter. I used yellow rice under the shredded omellete. (Cinderella used to hate yellow rice very much). But this time, she finished them all. Yayyyy!!!!

I also include the bento making step by step :

Step 1 & 2 : Half a quail egg as eye balls. Put nori as the eyelid and the pupil

Step 3. Form rice into half sphere. Put shredded omellete as the feather.
Step 4 : Use cheese to cut two triangles as the beak and ham/sausage as the tounge. Put the vegetables in groups (carrot with carrot, green beans with green beans). I found that grouping makes it look better.

Step 5 : I cooked coconut stewed beef (empal daging) to compliment the yellow rice. Yellow rice is never a complete set without it. And while it was certainly delicious, the look of it, brown, a bit oily, was not really appetizing. So I put the flower carrot to decorate it a bit. I use a cutter to get the smoothest shape. Well, I must say that this cutter really helps me a lot.
Step 6 : Serve it with a big smile and a lotsa of enthusiasm. Kids pick up our feelings!

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