Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Bento # 06 : Panda Bento

I saw this Panda Bento in my bento book. Thought it was so cute and it looked like quite easy to follow. But it turned out that shaping rice is harder than I think (maybe because Japanese rice is more sticky). The rice keeps falls off and they refuse to stick to each other. I found out later that using hot rice is better than cold rice since it still has the moisture to make it glued.
The rest of panda rice is actually very easy. Cut nori to shape like panda ear and for the rest I used nori puncher. This bento capacity is very small. The rice in the bento is only half from what Cinderella was actually eating.
By the way, I still hasn't found the reason of why Cinderella seemed like to choose bento in plate rather than box? Hmmm.... strange....

In this picture : beef croquette, diced carrot and green beans.

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