Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

Bento #10 : Timmy Time Bento

My little brother was coming to Jakarta. He knew that I had been making bentos these days and asked me to make one for him. I guess not only girls like cutey stuff.
Cinderella likes Timmy Time a lot nowadays (although Cinderella is still definitely her number one idol). And since I don't think I can set up a Cinderella bento (just to think about it make me cry >_<), I decided to create a simple character bento (kyaraben), Timmy Time. The character was so easy to copy. The head and ears was cut from nori. I also add the hands (still from nori). Done! Yipppeeeee my first kyaraben.... Cinderella recognized the bento immediately (fiuhhh) but my brother thought it was Shaun the Sheep. Well, they still belong on the same sheep family, so I was quite satisfied. Hee hee..... Cinderella had really fun time eating her bento with Uncle Pepen. She still remembered the time when she was having the Timmy Time bento with Uncle, the days after. She kept asking, "Mama, Mama, where's Uncle Pepen? Want to have Timmy Time with Uncle Pepen." It's so sweet, isn't it? By the way, my brother didn't finish everything. He left the veggies, while Cinderella ate all the veggies. Shame on you! Ha ha!

In the above picture : beef rollade, veggies

Cinderella was enjoying her lunch with Uncle.

Cinderella with her favourite veggie, broccoli. On the left bottom side was her uncle's bento. Can you see something blue on the right side of the picture? That was her Cinderella's dress, her favourite toy ever.

By the way, can you see the picture was sooooo improved? Yup, that was taken by my brother, a professional photographer. He made the food looked ten times yummier. Hee hee...

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giozi mengatakan...

My Tsunami loves Timmy Time too.
Your bento is gorgeous ;)