Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Bento #14 : Super Lazy Bento

I have a tendency to become very very lazy in the afternoon. I feel that my energy gets the lowest around 5 p.m. It also happens that I have to create a bento for Cinderella around that time for her dinner. I usually get too tired to think a new bento design, that I only do super easy bento. Luckily Cinderella doesn't mind at all. She keeps shouting, "Birthday cake! Birthday cake!" To her, it looks like a birthday cake. So she happily ate the meal. =)

In this picture: meatball soup and

2 komentar:

Melissa mengatakan...

It's very pretty. The ring of peas is very visually appealing! :)

Jenny mengatakan...

Thanks Melissa. It's actually me being too lazy to decorate it. So I just figured a ring of peas would be enuff. Hee hee