Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Bento # 05 : Bento Bunny - super lazy bento

I still feel extremely lazy after going from Bandung trip. I want to fix a bento for Cinderella without too much effort. In my fridge lied several store-bought meatballs that I could use. So I just throw the meatballs into frozen beef stock plus the veggie (cauliflower, mushroom,green beans, and carrot).
It really took me minimum effort to do this bento. I just had to cut ham into circle and ready shaped bunny ears. I also use the flower cutter for the carrot and mushroom. If you notice, the flowers on the left and right side of the bunny, you can see that the white one is actually the remaining mushroom that was cut in the middle. I slip the flower carrot in the middle of the mushroom. And viola, there you go... quite pretty compared to the usual bare flower carrot.
I also put fruity picks on top of the meatball and the flowers. This whole bento thing only took me 30 minutes from food preparation until done.
Oh yes, the bunny has no facial expression since I ran out of nori.


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